Welcome to the Voice to Synth revolution!

What is Dodo MIDI?

Dodo MIDI is a free voice to MIDI plugin, it detects the incoming audio, which can be voice or musical instruments, and controls the pitch and volume of any synthesizer or sampler you connect to it.

What sets it apart from all the other audio to MIDI software packages available, is that it really works incredibly well and is extremely useful as a live musical instrument!

For the first time, you can play (almost) any synthesizer or sampler just by using your voice, with imperceptible latency, and exceedingly accurate control over legato, slides and articulation.

Dodo MIDI isn’t a gimmick or toy Audio to MIDI software, it is a state of the art MIDI controller designed from the bottom up to be used by professional musicians in live performances, music producers and sound designers looking to expand their arsenal of creative tools.

Dodo MIDI 1.6 – released September 16, 2021

BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD Please note: Dodo MIDI will only work well if you configure it properly to work with your synthesizer, please see the tutorial section for instructions

Download Dodo MIDI 1.6 VST Plugin for Windows

How to use Dodo MIDI

Cubase and Ableton Live users: Currently Dodo MIDI does not control the synth’s volume when run in Cubase and Ableton Live. For full volume control please try a different DAW such as Reaper for your experimentation with Dodo MIDI.

Quick Start

There are 2 important things you need to know when using Dodo MIDI:

  1. In order for the music to be in tune, you MUST configure the synthesizer that Dodo MIDI sends MIDI event to:
    Change the pitch bend range to 24 semitones. This is possible in most synthesizers and samplers, as an example see this screen shot showing how to change it in the Odin 2 synthesizer. Below you’ll find video guides showing how to do that in several synths.
  2. Dodo MIDI’s installation actually includes 2 plugins: Dodo MIDI, and Dodo MIDI Second Part. For the plugin to work properly, you need to set them in the plugin chain such that Dodo MIDI comes first, then the synth, then Dodo MIDI Second Part. See this screenshot showing how the plugin chain looks like in Reaper when using Odin 2 synthesizer.
Dodo MIDI Quick Start
Quick Start tutorial
Dodo MIDI - Using Quick Mode for fast passages
Using Quick Mode for fast passages
Dodo MIDI - Connect to Zebralette
Dodo MIDI – Connect to Zebralette
Dodo MIDI - Connect to Native Instruments Kontakt
Dodo MIDI – Connect to Native Instruments Kontakt
Dodo MIDI - Connect to SampleTank
Dodo MIDI – Connect to SampleTank