SuperVolu 2

NEW! SuperVolu 2 has arrived, now supporting 64 bit hosts, on both Mac and Windows!

What is SuperVolu 2?

SuperVolu 2 removes the change in volume caused by other plugins. This helps to determine the impact they have on the sound character, isolated from their effect on the volume.

For example: You may want to insert a tube saturation plugin in a channel, but the plugin changes both the sound character of the audio and its volume. This makes it hard to understand exactly what the tube effect does to the sound. You can use SuperVolu 2 to make sure the tube effect does not change the volume of the sound significantly, and then you can understand better what it does to the sound character.

SuperVolu 2.0 – released November 16, 2021

Download SuperVolu 2.0 for Mac

Download SuperVolu 2.0 for Windows

How to use SuperVolu 2

To use SuperVolu 2, insert two instances of it in the plugin chain, one before the FX you want to evaluate, and one after it. In the first instance, select the Master checkbox, and in the second instance unselect it.

Make sure the port numbers of both instances are the same, and use different port numbers for other SuperVolu pairs in other tracks.

Background image by engin akyurt on Unsplash